Michelin Tire testing in Santa Barbara

I was very fortunate to be apart of a small group of riders to get a sneak peak at the new Michelin Mtb range of tires schedule to launch in May this year. Thanks to Cycles Lambert I flew down to Santa Barbara to spend a few days with Michelin Engineer Vincent Ledieu and the Michelin USA team.

Landing in LA on the way to Santa Barbara
Took an Amtrak to Santa Barbara
Cam Zink tweeting out to the masses about how fast I was on the climb


The Wild AM ontop of Knapps Castle

We tested a bunch of different tires over the few days. 4 Tires will launch over the next six months including the Jet XCR, Force XC and Force AM and Wild AM. Of all of the tires I have to say my favourite for North Shore conditions is the Wild AM. It will be predictable and offer the best trail support. In summer conditions I would run a Force AM on the rear for fast rolling.

Cam Zink, Gavin Godfrey and the rest of the testers chillin before we dropped into the trail

We rode some awesome trails above Santa Barbara. They were all fast and dry. As we started to move to the more aggressive tires the trails followed suit. By the end of the couple of days I was used to the supplied bike (YT Jeffsey 29) and the tires and was pushing harder on the trails. It was great to ride in short sleeves again and will do wonders for keeping me motivated. Ill have a bunch of the tires to test on the Shore in the next week and can’t wait to see how they perform. Stay tuned for a full report.

The test bike was a YT Jeffsy 29er
What would a trip to LA be without checking out the landmarks

PinkBike was on hand to test them out too. Read more details about the tires here.


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