Lightweight, waterproof and packable – 7Mesh Oro

Following on from last years guest appearance with 7Mesh myself and Steve were lucky to get the opportunity to test out the new Oro jacket in the elements around Vancouver’s Stanley Park. One cold damp morning we set out to do a few laps under the watchful lens of Brian Goldstone of 7Mesh.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.16.47 PM

The images he got made us look like pro’s. They used them to launch the lightest (92 grams) full waterproof jacket to the public worldwide and we went viral…haha. It was great to work with a local company pushing the envelope in cycling apparel.


At 92 grams this has to be one of the best packable  jackets I’ve tried. Ive already got the Re:Gen jacket which is my go to winter road riding jacket and the Resistance vest for cooler spring days. This would be perfect for surprise rain showers or racing in.




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